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bangkrutCentered on some trusted studies 80% new companies go broke within the first-year and fall. The primary reason for this problem is monetary problem. Have you been a brand new business manager who would like to succeed to operate your business? If you’re, in operating your company you’ve to complete your absolute best. Meanwhile, to lessen the dangers of having monetary issue, understand the reasons like described below first:

Revenue is businesses by misuse. Some new business people in many cases are overconfidence when succeeding to obtain large revenue. This causes them to abuse the revenue for individual use. They often purchase home, device, new-vehicle, and a lot more. Avoid carrying this out since it is only going to damage you. Imagine what-if your revenue price falls in rush as you don’t have sufficient finances to cover-all company costs. Without a doubt, you’ll get actually monetary issue and cope with obligations. Consequently, never misuse your business’s revenue. Simply utilize it to satisfy business requirements, ok!

Commit cash exceptionally. There are lots of new business people who spend their money exceptionally. They are doing this to enhance their regular revenue. Nonetheless, they usually commit money without knowing about expense in more detail, so they’ll just get large reduction finally. Well, it will not imply that you might not commit your hard earned money. You get it done so long as you understand and find out about investment first. For example, if you wish to trade foreign currency, ensure that you visit by which you will find guidelines and the comprehensive forex info FOREXimf.com that is known as a professional broker first.

Rise Up after Being Fired

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in Information - (0 Comments)

Fired1It is inevitable, that in Indonesia the average income of the population wants to get into a civil servant being an employee of the private sector. Why is that? The reason is not because of being a civil servant had promised not to mention salary plus responsibility allowance, attendance allowance, and so forth, have clear ranks, has a great opportunity to get a job promotion, have a retirement budget, and has a strong position.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there is a reason most dominating every person wants to be a civil servant of private employees. What? The absence of layoffs. Inversely related to private sector employees are at all times anxious to layoffs.

But when you lose a job due to layoffs, you do not need to despair. Rise of the downturn. The trick?

Find a new job

When you are laid off as companies cut employees because they do not have the budget anymore, things you can do is to look for a new job that suits your office at the beginning of either company as HR staff, finance staff, production staff, or marketing staff.

Manage cash severance

If it is looking for a new job is no longer possible as well as your age or your education does not match the requirements of other companies, a step that you can consider is to manage the severance pay you receive. The point? Yes, by utilizing the severance money as capital to open a business. Before opening the business, make sure to research the market to find out what the consumer wants and needs. On the other hand, make sure also those businesses are built in accordance with the interests and abilities.

If both of the above is difficult to do, it would not hurt if you get up the motivation beforehand by reading a book cerita motivasi or attending a seminar in order to have the spirit to undergo one of them.




checklist6Deciding to where to take higher education is a bit confusing for most high school graduates. They surely dream to study at top universities to get the best education for their future. Some students even plan to go abroad for this. United Kingdom is among the most selected destinations for education, according to some studies and researches.

Do you want to study at a university in UK? Make sure to know the general requirement first to study in UK, such as:

  1. High school diploma or A-level result. To take a bachelor’s degree in a UK university, you first need to obtain a high school diploma. It depends on your country. If you live in Indonesia, you are required to join UN (Ujian Nasional) first. Moreover, it’s important to know that UK universities also require their applications to have UK ‘A’-level results. For this, applicants need to take two year courses of 4-5 subjects and pass A-level exams.
  2. English skill & certification. Top UK colleges, both public and private, are multicultural because the students are definitely from various countries. Thus, you will have to speak English as first language during your study. Your English skill is also taken into consideration for sure. You should be good at English. Certifications related to it will be useful.

Remember, the requirements surely vary in different universities. You should find out further information from your favorite university’s official site prior to application.

Hopefully, it may be useful for you and you’ll be eligible to enter a top college in UK. Good luck, Folks!

iMoney aThis past year, my brother chose to collect mortgage from the bank in my own area. Without understanding monthly settlement and the comprehensive interest-rate first sadly, she decided that bank. This occurred because she thought her new pal who also got property mortgage at that bank. She began when paying regular installation where she’d to invest much cash getting trapped in big trouble. This made her get trouble in fulfilling their everyday requirements.

Understanding from her expertise I had been more cautious of selecting property loan company. I did so not need to spend much money finally. I visited iMoney providing you with different product reviews: time-deposit, personal loan, housing loan, health insurance, vacation insurance, checking account, and charge card, To prevent picking incorrect bank. iMoney Philippines was applied by me, since I live-in Philippines.

By utilizing property mortgage Today, I currently have a fresh house. I never get trouble in spending my payment. Because I take advantage of iMoney this is really. Consequently, I simply need to give you thanks so much, iMoney.

Here, property financial institutions could be found by me in my own region and examine them intimately. Understanding these details, I understood where I am going to use for mortgage. As an example, there’s Metrobank that offers interest rate per year for 6.00% and monthly repayment for 500,000 peso or HSBC that offers 7.50% interest rate per year and 700,000 peso monthly repayment. Understanding these records, I understood where I am going to use for home loan.

Have you been interested in obtaining home loan? If you’re, it’s more straightforward to visit iMoney first.

Save Money on Shopping

March 11th, 2014 | Posted by Dave in Information | Tips - (0 Comments)

hemat aShopping is a fun thing that is usually done by women. They are usually willing to spend countless hour to buy various new products both online and offline. Are you a new shopaholic who wants to enjoy shopping without spending much money? If you are, you should follow several tips below:

Find discount and promo. At this moment, there are many online and offline stores that offer discounts and promo codes. Use this opportunity to save some money. Bear in mind to choose reliable stores, so you can get high quality and original products.

Use credit card. This might sound weird because many people assume that using credit card is the same as wasting money. It is not fully true, because you can save some money by using credit card as long as you don’t shop carelessly. You can get discount and point reward that you can use to buy products with friendly and reasonable prices.

Buy products based on your needs, not your desire. Many shoppers like shopping based on their desire. This makes them spend too much money and lack of money at the end of month. Even, if they use credit card, they can deal with financial problem and get stuck in debt. Therefore, don’t let your desire take over your mind! You have to buy products based on your needs. If you get difficulty in controlling your desire, make a shopping list, so you can remember what products that you have to buy.

Hopefully, by following the tips above, you can save money and enjoy shopping.

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

March 10th, 2014 | Posted by Dave in Information - (0 Comments)

anniversary bThe following month, mother and my father can enjoy 20th anniversary. I very accept my siblings’ suggestions. We intend to put a garden party by inviting good friends and our family unit members. For this, we separate careers earlier.

Both of my siblings will make and enhance location, while both of my siblings will search for the best food dishes and then make them. Meanwhile, I’m requested to consider bright flowers to enhance our backyard. Recently, I began searching for these blossoms. Sadly I acquired trouble to find them since florists in my own town didn’t have bright flower inventory nowadays. He recommended me to consider online florists.

I surfed on internet for half an hour and discovered a reliable online florist, called Flower Advisor that has many online branch stores in various counties all around the world. It provides flowers delivery Singapore and other products, like teddy bear, chocolate, wine, fruit basket, and so on. As of this online shop, I possibly could discover not just white roses, but additionally red, green, orange, yellow, and crimson roses. Actually, there are also different rose varieties, such as for instance: lily, sunflower, orchid, and tulip. I was so pleased since I knew when I desired to purchase white flowers where I am going.

At home, my buddy asked me about these white flowers. He desired to know whether I came across the best florist or not. I informed him that I was prepared to purchase and discovered think it is. Ideally, the marriage anniversary celebration will operate easily and my parents will be pleased.

Cheer Your Girlfriend Up

March 10th, 2014 | Posted by Dave in Tips - (0 Comments)

dating aHaving a beautiful and good girlfriend is dreamed by every man. Anyway, do you have a girlfriend too? If you do, aside from maintaining and strengthening good relationship with her, you are required to cheer her up, so your relationship survives forever. How? Follow several tips below:

Cook and invent delicious foods together. There are many men who feel shy if they are asked to cook. Don’t let your prestige make you do it too, because you can make your sweetheart happy if you are good at cooking. What if you cannot do this activity? At least, accompany her to cook and invent delicious foods. Use creation and imagination in cooking, who knows you and your girlfriend can find new recipes. Furthermore, to make this activity more fun, play happy songs during cooking. You may dance if you want. :)

Go to romantic restaurant. Basically women really like when their boyfriends invite them to have dinner together. Thus, you have to do the same way, bring her to good romantic restaurant. Make sure that you prepare enough budgets and buy a beautiful flower bouquet that you can buy at Flower Advisor. It is an international florist that offers many rose, lily, orchid, sunflower, and tulip bouquets with reasonable and friendly prices. Besides, this online florist provides wines, chocolates, fruit baskets, teddy bears, and so on.

Last but not least, you can also invite her to do sport together. Aside from cheering her up, this way is so useful to keep body’s health and also release stress in mind.

Why Do You Have Low Sales Rate?

February 17th, 2014 | Posted by Dave in Business - (0 Comments)

low sales rateAre you trapped in low sales rate and planning to close your online business? If you are, you should remain running your business because you just need to evaluate your online business, so you can solve your problem well.

Basically, there are some things that make you have low sales rate:

Not use internet marketing well. Using internet marketing is a must, so you can drive more customers and boost your sales rate. What if you cannot apply internet marketing? No need to worry because you can ask for help from trusted companies, like Cakra Studio that provides internet marketing services, like SEO, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, email marketing, and analytics report. Besides, this trusted and experienced company offers other services, like web design Jakarta, web development, content services, and outsource developments.

Not serve customers optimally. Serving customers politely and well is a must. If you give bad services, they definitely feel disappointed and leave you. If this happens, be ready to deal with low sales rate and huge loss.

Not provide value-added for customers. As you probably know, nowadays, the online business competition is tighter. If you don’t offer value-added for customers, they will move to other businesses. Thus, offer value-added, such as: giving free shipping service, offering discounts and promo codes, provides lucky draws, and following them up.

Well, by knowing this information, hopefully you can fix your business performance and boost your sales rate, so you can realize your dream and get much profit. Good luck. :)

Economics tutorAre you looking for an economics tutor? http://www.economicscafe.com.sg is a good source you can select from. Bear in mind, you should be smart and careful of making a selection. In this instance, you’re highly suggested to decide to hire a private economics tutor. Why? Here are two main reasons:

  • Focus. When it comes to studying economics, you need to stay focused on the subjects. Studying with a private tutor is more effective because it’s only just 1-to-1 tuition. Perhaps you enjoy learning in individual setting more than a group setting. The tutor will only focus on giving approach to you as well as doing evaluation & assessment.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Another reason to choose a private economics tutor is for a cost-effective learning. You can learn easily and comfortably at your own home. There’s no need to spend a penny for transportation cost.

Hiring a private economics tutor is a wise decision for the two reasons above.

Benefits of Visiting Flower Advisor

January 18th, 2014 | Posted by Dave in Information - (0 Comments)

flower advisor aDo you get difficulty in finding the right online florist? If you do, why don’t you visit Flower Advisor? It is a reliable and professional florist that has many online stores in various countries all around the world. Besides, if you visit this online florist, you can get a lot of benefits, such as:

Find various flowers. There are many types of flowers that you can find at Flower Advisor, such as: lilies, orchids, sunflowers, tulips, and various roses: blue, orange, peach, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow roses.

Save some money. Every flower that is offered is sold with reasonable prices, so you don’t need to spend much money. For instance, if you want to buy Peruvian lilies in garden vase, just spend for 87.15 dollars or if you want to have one dozen orange roses bouquet, get it for 100.80 dollars.

In addition, you can find other products, like wines, gifts, and hampers at this online florist.